Dr. Radica Raj – Embracing the Healer

I would like to share with you all some excerpts from a podcast interview. A few weeks ago, I had a great conversation with Deb Ozarko when she interviewed me for a podcast on integrative veterinary medicine. I met Deb first at the clinic in the first few months after Phoenix Rising came into existence. There was an immediate soul connection when we met.

Deb is a spiritual activist, author, Ironman triathlon finisher, no dogma vegan, and relentless status-quo crusher with a deep love for animals, humanity, and Mother Earth. She’s the host of the popular Unplug Podcast and has recently released her first book, The Status Quo Crusher Revolution: A Call to Arms for the Emergence of Humanity 2.0. Deb is a provocateur of inspired, purposeful, and action-oriented living that serves all living beings. Her agenda is love.

Please click here to listen to the entire podcast or click on the video to listen to excerpts.
You will find many more interesting podcasts on Unplug Podcast including one with Dr. Marlene Smith on raw diets.

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