Phoenix Rising Veterinary Care, Dr. Radica Raj

Dr. Radica Raj – Founder / Owner

Dr. Radica Raj

Dr. Radica Raj started practice as a Western veterinarian in general practice but soon became disenchanted with routine procedures and lack of challenges.

She then embarked on a career in Veterinary Emergency medicine and Critical Care. Within a year of practice in this field, she was inspired to start her own emergency facility and subsequently opened a second general practice.

Undaunted by the long hours and night shifts, she continued to manage both clinics as well as work in her own emergency facility. While this path provided the stimulus and the challenges she had yearned for, she soon realized that there was more that she was called upon to do. There had to be a better quality of life for terminally-ill patients that suffered from the side-effects of medications, for the geriatric patients disabled by osteo-arthritis and for the paralyzed patients that could not walk again. Determined to explore these avenues and find answers, she successfully completed her post-graduate diploma in Veterinary Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Chi Institute in Florida.

Recognizing the need for more integrative practices in the community, Dr. Raj decided to start the Phoenix Rising  Integrative Veterinary Care to offer one or all reasonable therapies or medicines that work together to increase the probability of disease prevention that may not be possible using one system of medicine alone.