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In Memoriam

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Our Pets – In Memoriam

Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care we understand how much of an impact your pet can have on your life. We are pleased to offer our In Memoriam page, a place to post pictures, poems and stories about our beloved pets who have passed on.

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In Memoriam – Cassie
Owner : Alan Jones

Dr. Raj. I really wish I had found you years ago.

Thank you for the care you provided and all the best with your practice. I
truly hope your work inspires more vets to travel the holistic pathways.

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In Memoriam – Geminina Rufflebutt

The little Gem was born in Merville, BC to Summer Joy’s Maltipoo, Rosie. At her early stages she Ver much resembled a large, fluffy black and white caterpillar. She was a joyful, exuberant puppy who ran in circles so fast she’d sometimes scrape her side and go for a tumble. Nameless for a time as we searched out the right name, Dorothy Levitt, my neighbour, one day pronounced that she was a gem and therefore should be called that. So she was. My father thought the name didn’t carry quite enough weight and bearing for so noble a creature, so suggested the longer, more formal name of Geminina Rufflebutt. So Gem became, in formal circles, Miss Geminina Rufflebutt.
Gem accompanied me on many kayaking trips, her first trip being when she was so small that to get over logs in the forest she had to be lifted by the handle on her little orange life jacket. She would fall asleep between my legs in the cockpit of the kayak and provide warmth. One trip, Gem was in heat and showed her annoyance at being taken far from access to dogs by sitting on my chair and growling at me or anyone who tried to move her.

Gem accompanied me to school for many years, acting as kid magnet on the playground attracting and allowing herself to be loved by many little ones.

We had 16 and a half happy years together, full of cuddles and walks, chasing socks, having two sets of 4 puppies. One of those puppies, TC is with me still, keeping me company after Gem’s departure. My 90 year old mother in Chilliwack has 2 from her first litter keeping her loyal company and taking her out for a walk twice a day. (Actually she takes them)

I can’t imagine a better, more loving and loyal little soul mate than Gem and am so grateful for having had her in my life all those years.

Phoenix Rising vet, Marlene, as well as Dr. Ken Siemens helped us through various health challenges, shots, and pregnancies over the years. Dr. Radika helped Gem in her final days with grace and heart. I am so grateful for the love and care I received at all times in her life, and particularly at the difficult time of saying goodbye.

Phoenix Riising Veterinary Care, Gem

Geminina Rufflebutt

Phoenix Riising Veterinary Care, Gem

Geminina Rufflebutt

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Phoenix Riising Veterinary Care, Sonny

Sonny McKenzie

Phoenix Riising Veterinary Care, Sonny

Sonny McKenzie

In Memoriam – Sonny McKenzie

That Friend

Of firey mane,
But gentle soul.
A loving heart,
Courage bold.

Skuffing feet,
Thumping tail.
Easy to please,
Nose to a trail.

Joyful abandon or
Impish way
Goofy grin
Beautiful, …they’d say.

A ball a walk
A cookie a wrestle
These were the things
You loved the best…L.

We miss you the most
Wet nose wake-up call
Rituals gone
Nothing at all.

The love we feel,
Will never end.
For in You we found,
…That Friend.

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In Memoriam –  Osito (Little Bear)
June 12, 2000 – October 2, 2014

As a result of complications brought on by his progressing Cushing’s Disease, our beloved Spanish Water Dog was suddenly hardly able to walk on that Thursday afternoon October 2nd. The kindly staff at Phoenix Rising Veterinary clinic helped him through a peaceful transition to the Rainbow Bridge.

As a little puppy he was a bundle of energy as well as brainy – typical of his breed – but later mellowed through training and socializing, maturing into a well mannered family pet. He loved his daily walks, riding in the car and was a familiar sight with his mommy Melanie here and there in the Valley. He also enjoyed being with Dave and Melanie out on Comox Lake. As walking became more difficult earlier this year Melanie got a little trailer to attach to her bike for riding around Courtenay. Over the years he touched many hearts with his unique appearance, sweet child-like eyes, face and endearing personality. He was often mistaken for a Labradoodle or Poodle mix or a Portuguese Water Dog. He was happiest when all his humans were present and loved to burrow his face into you – prayer like – showing his love. Due to his Cushing’s, his appetite held out till his last days (and minutes) for meat, fruit and veggies, his faves being pumpkin and sweet potato.

Adios, chiquito amigo. We’ll reunite again sometime. Many thanks to the wonderful Phoenix Rising staff and to Pat, Doug and family.

XXOO from from Melanie, Marion and Dave.

Phoenix Rising Veterinary Care, Osito Memoriam


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