My four year-old cat, Muffian, had been plagued with black crusts around his mouth and neck almost since birth. Vets in the United States and Canada could not find a cause or a cure and resorted to steroids to control the problem. His condition became progressively worse and the black crusts became lesions on his legs, his paws, in his ears and over his face. He lost the hair on his face and legs and was a sorry sight. Muffy was in considerable distress and was no longer the super-friendly energetic cat that followed me around the house but now hid away whenever he had the chance. I feared I would lose him.

On the advice of another veterinarian, I took Muffy to Phoenix Rising who not only discovered the cause of his illness but brought it under control. Muffy has Lupus, a condition that is extremely rare in cats. Dr. Radhika Rajagopal was ceaseless in both seeking the cause of Muffy’s illness and bringing it under control. I think she worried more about him than I did! Her knowledge of traditional and non-traditional veterinary medicine is exceptional and, in addition, she drew upon the expertise of colleagues across North America in her search for a diagnosis and a cure.

Dr. Radhika used a variety of innovative treatments to bring Muffy’s Lupus under control. Probably for the first time ever, a cat was given Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to impede an autoimmune disease. The process was straight forward and painless but the results were amazing. He had a series of laser treatments to help heal the lesions and now takes a simple mixture of herbs with his food to control the Lupus.

Within ten days or so of thePlatelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Muffian was well on his way to recovery. When I arrived home from a short trip he was waiting at the door, something he had not done in weeks. He jumped up on a hall table and then onto my shoulder. I was astounded at both his energy and the incredible amount of healing of the lesions on his face, ears, legs and paws. Muffy was almost his usual energetic self.

I can’t thank Dr. Radhika and the staff at Phoenix Rising enough for the outstanding care given to Muffian. They went more than “the extra mile”. Their quest to find the cause and the cure of Muffy’s illness was exceptional and their innovative application of new and traditional medicine is indicative of their talent and concern for the animals under their care.

Although Lupus cost Muffian considerable distress before it was brought under control, I would like to think that Dr. Radhika’s treatment will be adopted by others in treating autoimmune diseases.