What is Homotoxicology?

Dr. Heinrich Reckeweg founded the knowledge of Homotoxicology. The principle is based on homeopathy, but it goes a little further. In homeopathy it is recognized that diseases start on the periphery and progress deeper into the body if the patients system is unable to remove the disease-causing agent. The deeper the diseases settles in the body, the more serious the symptoms, the more chronic the disease and the more difficult it is to heal.

Homotoxicology is based on the understanding that it is the doctor’s job to find the level of the disease and then support the body to bring the disease closer to the surface to eliminate it. This is done through stimulation of specific cells in the diseased tissue followed by stimulation of the body’s own detoxification systems, the liver and kidney. This is then followed by the stimulation of cell enzymes to make the body stronger and to increase resistance to diseases in the future.

Homotoxicology uses a combination of low dilution homeopathic remedies and is somewhere in between herbal medicine and homeopathy. The knowledge of Homotoxicology is still very new compared to Traditional Chinese Medicine and ongoing research keeps our doctors abreast of the latest knowledge.

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