Client Reviews

In todays World, online reviews have become an important tool in rating a veterinary clinic’s performance.

At Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care, we are proud of the services that we offer and of our success rate in dealing with a wide variety of patients.  We believe in keeping an open line of communication with our clients by offering them a chance to write reviews based on our performance.  We feel that this is the most efficient way for us to better serve our clientele.

Katie is 11 years old today! Thank you, Dr Marlene Smith and Dr Radhika Rajagopal, for keeping her with more

My four year-old cat, Muffian, had been plagued with black crusts around his mouth and neck almost since birth. Vets more

Our dog Maggie a 5 year old Bichon/poodle was limping terribly and was suffering from pain. The problem was diagnosed as ‘’Cruciate Ligament Rupture’’ in her left knee joint. We made a decision to try acupuncture, it provided some relief for a short period of time. Phoenix Rising staff advised us Dr. Radica had recently taken a course on administering Prolotherapy. The procedure was less evasive and was considerably cheaper than the prescribed surgical procedure. We opted for the Prolotherapy. Since the procedure on December 8, 2014 our puppy Maggie has returned to be normal happy dog. Walking and running is done with ease. We are extremely pleased with the professionalism and care we have received from Phoenix Rising Veterinary Care and would recommend the procedure to other dog owners.

To everyone at Phoenix Rising’
On behalf of Gypsy May , we would like to thank everyone at Phoenix Rising for the excellent care taken when Gypsy visited. She is now doing great and everything Dr Radica suggested has worked beautifully. We got an appointment that day. Thanks again !!

Marlene is at one with the animals.. she seems to be in harmony with them. In her care the animals seem to calm down and let her do what needs to be done without a fuss. I am so glad she is coming back.

Hi Marlene,
In situations like this it can change very quickly from pain to inspiration. It sounds like once again you are inspired. If I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Love and Light

There are no words to describe Marlene…she is brilliant, in tune with all animals, knowledgeable in so many modalities of health care for our companions, has literally performed miracles for my dogs, given them life when there was no more hope, she is a Godsend.