Sprocket Needs a Home

sprocketSprocket is a 9.5 year old neutered male Shiba Inu. He is very friendly and good with other animals and small children. He enjoys walks, playing fetch and being scratched.

Unfortunately Sprocket has a few health issues that will require on going and possibly long term care. We are in need of a loving family that is willing to take on the emotional and financial responsibility of caring for Sprocket.

Phoenix Rising Vet has been helping us look after Sprocket’s medical needs and can answer any questions you may have with regards to his health. It is unfortunate that we are in need of a new home for Sprocket but our current situation will not accommodate the level of care that Sprocket requires.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Radica Raj, Phoenix Rising Veterinary Care.


Sprocket Needs a Home

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