Veterinary Care – Western Medicine

At Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care, all of our veterinarians have completed university training and are certified Doctors in Veterinary Medicine (DVM). They keep themselves updated on current developments through continued education conferences, seminars, periodicals etc.

Western medicine, as we know it, developed rapidly in the last few hundred years. Since the use of antibiotics and the development of diagnostic imaging, such as radiographs, ultrasound, MRI and electrocardiograms and increased surgical technology and skills, western medicine has taken a big leap forward and has saved many lives.

All of our doctors are qualified veterinarians with years of experience and extensive knowledge in western medicine. They integrate western medicine into their holistic practices, since holistic medicine also embraces western medicine. All emergencies, surgeries and diagnostic imaging are referred to your regular veterinarian or neighboring veterinary clinic(s).

Veterinary Care, Phoenix Rising Veterinary Care

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