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Goat in the House

Lily, this sweet 2 year old goat belonging to Zoe MacBean  came to the clinic yesterday.  She had been attacked by a bear just seven weeks ago.  She suffered from multiple bite wounds including a serious wound that had entered her chest cavity.   The attack had left her week, unable to get up or even lift her head.

Zoe nursed her back to health with infinite patience and TLC and Lily did have the will to survive.

3 Cheers to Lily and Zoe!!

Lily visited the clinic to have acupuncture, chiropractic and laser treatment for the neurological deficit in her left hind leg.

By the time she left the clinic I was totally in love with her and she had accepted Stephanie and I even eating apples from our hands.

It was a great experience for all.

Dr. Radica Raj.

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