Meet Max. Max is an adorable 7 year old Poodle Pom Cross. Max is looking for a family, he is great with kids. Unfortunately, he was a puppy mill product and therefore has skin issues and bilaterally luxating patellas (his knee caps click and get stuck when he runs). His skin has improved on Chinese […]

Hip Dysplasia by Dr. Marlene Smith and Dr. Radica Raj

Hip Dysplasia Hip dysplasia is the medical term for poor hip conformation and the arthritis and pain that occurs secondary to that conformation. Normally the “ball” portion of the hip (the head of the femur) sits well within the “socket” portion of the pelvis. When the animal walks this acts as a well-oiled machine. In [...]

Halloween Contest 2014

Abina Steals the Show There were a few good contenders for Phoenix Rising Vet Care's Halloween Costume Contest, yet li'l Abina stole the show in her witch's costume. We hope to see more entries next year. Hope everyone had a great Halloween !