PEMF at Phoenix Rising

Georgette Metcalfe is one of the first and of a small handful of PEMF providers trained specifically to operate the PEMF-120 device. She offers 1h 15 minute sessions twice a month at Phoenix Rising with follow up sessions for 30-45 minutes.

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Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care

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About Us

Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care’s approach to veterinary medicine is designed to minimize adverse effects while promoting successful treatment outcomes that can improve quality of life. We place the emphasis on using one or all reasonable therapies or medicines that work together towards disease prevention. This may not be possible using one system of medicine alone.

Complementary and alternative veterinary medicine include: acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and chiropractic.

We now offer Ozone Therapy.

Our Team

Our staff of trained professionals is always ready to offer compassionate care for pets.
We pride ourselves on our ability to diagnose the issues and offer a health care solution that is right for you and your pet’s needs.

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Holistic Veterinarian

Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care is looking for a Holistic Veterinarian to work in our fantastic spa-like spacious setting ! Whether you are looking for a fresh start or for a mid-career change , we have a great opportunity for you.

We are a fast growing, holistic practice located in North Vancouver, British Columbia w and are looking to expand and welcome another like-minded individual to our team.

This is a fun but very busy practice with a strong focus on acupuncture, chiropractic, rehabilitation and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, we offer integrative modalities such as ozone therapy/UV light and Platelet Rich plasma/Prolotherapy as treatment options.

An interest or experience in homeopathy would be welcomed.

If you would like to join a very motivated team and be a part of our healing journey, please send your cover letter and resumé to : [email protected]

Veterinary Tech

Are you a fiery, passionate inspired veterinary technician that loves to work and learn and grow every day? If you are and if you have the experience, you will love Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care. Every appointment  and every day is an exciting new opportunity. You will be exposed to multiple modalities, equipment and techniques to heal and enrich our patients lives !!!  IV ozone and UV light, Platelet Rich plasma, Live Blood analysis – these are just a few of our innovative treatment options.

If you are looking for a new kind of practice in a spa-like setting, fast-paced yet soothing, jump at it and send us your resumé with a cover letter to [email protected].

2021 is the year to grow, come and join us on this exciting, motivating journey of healing.

Ask about PRP and Stem cells
for tendon & ligament injuries.


Integrative Veterinary Care Services

We are proud to offer integrative veterinary care services. Integrative medicine combines conventional Western medications and diagnostics with knowledge of Eastern medicine techniques to offer well rounded care for our patients.
electromagnetic radiation (EMF)
Essential Oil Therapy
Geriatric Consultation
Halotherapy, Phoenix Rising Vet Care
Laser Therapy
Ozone Therapy
Platelet Rich Plasma
Traditional Chinese Medicine
In-house Vaccine Titre Testing
Vitamin C

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Platelet Rich Plasma



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Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care

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Hours of Operation:

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Cancellation Policy

Phoenix Rising Integrative Vet Care is committed to providing all of our patients with exceptional care. When a patient cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another patient from being seen.

Please call us at 604.436.0726 48 hrs before your appointment to cancel. If prior notification is not given, you will be charged $50. for the missed appointment.

Once specialized procedures are booked there is a cancellation fee of $50 which comes into place immediately after the booking. This is because procedures are performed at another clinic and there is a tremendous amount of work involved in coordinating with the other clinic.

Dr. Radica Raj
Dr. Radica Raj

Dr. Radica Raj started practice as a Veterinarian in general practice but soon embarked on a more fast-paced career in Veterinary Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in Ontario.

Within a year of practice in this field she was inspired to start her own emergency facility and subsequently opened a second general practice. While this path provided the stimulus and the challenges she had yearned for, she soon realized that there had to be a better quality of life for terminally-ill patients, for the geriatric patients disabled by osteoarthritis and for the paralyzed patients that could not walk.

Determined to explore these avenues and find answers, she successfully completed her post-graduate diploma in Veterinary Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCVM) with the Chi Institute in Florida. She then completed a program in Animal Chiropractic at Options for Animals in Kansas and obtained an animal chiropractic certification from the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA).

She then started Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care thereby opening the door to an integrative veterinary clinic on Vancouver Island. She ensured that her services were integrative by performing surgery on her patients through another clinic even as she practised wholistic medicine.

Dr. Radica Raj has experience handling emergencies, surgical and internal medicine cases as well as chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Regenerative medicine i.e. PRP, prolotherapy, etc. On account of this, you will find that she is more than willing to collaborate with your family veterinarian and specialists involved in dealing with your pet’s health.

Her scope of practice includes Internal medicine, Surgery, Emergency, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Regenerative Medicine.

She is now also certified in Canine Rehabilitation.

Laura Khorchidian
Office Manager
Laura Khorchidian

Laura Khorchidian is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, organic farmer and live blood cell analyst. She is passionate about educating others how to develop their own healthy eating habits with small changes that focus on the root issue.

Prior to her own personal lifestyle change, Laura was an accomplished Chief Financial Officer for several companies. After surviving in the “corporate” field watching stress unbalance her daily life, she quickly changed gears and headed into the “green” field of farming and holistic nutrition. Laura graduated with a First Class Honours diploma from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She has also trained at The Edison School of Nutrition in live blood cell analysis.

She is currently enrolled in a Canine Nutrition program hoping to help dogs obtain the same success as humans through healing with food and of course, their owner’s abundance of love.

Laura is a warm friendly cheerful outgoing person. She has tremendous compassion for humans and animals and is always there to aid and assist all our clients and patients. She has been an extraordinary addition to Phoenix Rising since February 2019 !

Susan Holm
Veterinary Assistant
Susan Holm

Meet Susan, our Veterinary Assistant. She loves working with families and supporting their fur babies to move and feel better. She is certified in Pet Massage and holds SAMP100 certification from the North West School of Animal Massage. She is also a certified Usui Animal Reiki practitioner and has certification in animal Acupressure. She lives right here in North Vancouver with her partner and their two cats. 

Certified 200+ hours as an Animal Massage Professional through the North West School of Animal Massage, with additional certification in Animal Acupressure & Reiki

Georgette Metcalfe
PEMF Provider
Georgette Metcalfe

Georgette has a background in biotensegrity, therapeutic movement, nervous system awareness, interconnections with the body’s many systems, and the body’s cellular community.

She is one of the first and of a small handful of PEMF providers trained specifically to operate the PEMF-120 device. She is also the first non-family member to be trained by Sean Dillon of She is a certified Live/Dark Field Blood Analyst with educational experience in Nutritional Microscopy.

Georgette has been using PEMF to treat animals as long as she has been working with humans and finds working with four-leggeds especially dramatic.

Georgette owned/operated Tadasana Wellness in Pemberton, BC for many years where her holistic modalities supported a large and dynamic clientele base. To this day, she is often called upon for advice from fellow trainees in PEMF therapy.

Georgette currently resides in the Fraser Valley with her dog, Sprout.

Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care