Conventional Medicine

Conventional Medicine

The goal of an integrative approach to veterinary medicine is to provide clients with all of the options for pet care available, including Conventional Medicine.

This is achieved by using conventional therapies, diagnostics and procedures TOGETHER with all other reasonable systems of medicine (Chinese medicine, chiropractic)or therapies (prolotherapy, PRP) to obtain the best possible results.

Strong and Weak Points
Every system of medicine has its strong and weak points and each is utilized according to what tool is best needed for a particular animals problem. The goal is to try and cure disease or disorders and not to suppress symptoms alone.

In cases where the patient has a terminal condition, the goal is to provide as high a quality of life as possible for that patient.

What We Do
PRIVC works closely with your primary care veterinarian to provide the highest quality health care for your pet.

We carry a full line of conventional pharmaceutical drugs and offer the following services:

  • Routine medical procedures (ear cleaning, wound care, nail trimming, etc.)
  • Wellness exams for your healthy pets that have no medical issues
  • Routine laboratory evaluation – blood tests, urinalysis, fecal tests etc
  • Heartworm tests
  • Vaccinations and Vaccine titers
  • Minor surgical procedures (e.g., cyst removal, skin biopsies) that do not require general anesthesia.
  • We offer reversible anesthesia, acuanesthesia, local anesthesia and sedation.
  • IV and subcutaneous fluid administration
  • Wellness exams and nutritional consultations for puppies & kittens
  • Preventative health care programs for geriatric and adult animals

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