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EMF Protection

What is electromagnetic radiation (EMF)?

The National Cancer Institute defines it as follows.

Radiation that has both electric and magnetic fields and travels in waves. It comes from natural and man-made sources. Electromagnetic radiation can vary in strength from low energy to high energy. It includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays.

Originally, the sun and lunar reflections were our source of light. This has since been replaced by incandescent and flourescent light in our waking hours. Wireless and telecommunication signals have become a mainstay of our daily lives. With the advent of 5G, further questions have been raised about detrimental effects on biological systems.

More unbiased research needs to be done to study these effects and whether or not they are impacting us and our pets adversely. In the meantime, why not take all protective measures to protect ourselves and our pets in this rapidly evolving world of technology and radiation!!!

Types of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) Exposure

• The low frequencies (3 Hz – 300 KHz) are used for electrical power line transmission (60 Hz in the U.S.) as well as maritime and submarine navigation and communications.

• Medium frequencies (300 KHz–900 MHz) are used for AM/FM/TV broadcasts in North America.

• Lower microwave frequencies (900 MHz – 5 GHz) are used for telecommunications such as microwave devices/communications, radio astronomy, mobile/cell phones, and wireless LANs.

• Higher microwave frequencies (5 GHz – 300 GHz) are used for radar and proposed for microwave WiFi, and will be used for high-performance 5 G.

• Terahertz frequencies (300 GHz – 3000 GHz) are used increasingly for imaging to supplement X-rays in some medical and security scanning applications

Non-visible non-ionizing radiation in combination with biotoxins and chemicals have been shown to have adverse effects on the body. This includes wireless radiation like 4G and 5G.1

Do not confuse this radiation with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) used for short periods of time to produce therapeutic effects on the body.

How to Safeguard Against Electromagnetic Radiation

Disable Wireless Functions
Wireless devices including routers, tablets and laptops etc. all emit a Wi-Fi signal. You should disable the Wi-Fi function on these devices when you are not using them. If possible, use an Ethernet cable for internet access instead of Wi-Fi when using a computer. Only turn on the Wi-Fi function when absolutely necessary.

Keep EMF Sources at a Safe Distance
Locate your Wi-Fi router it in a place that is some distance away from where people spend the most time. Try to avoid carrying a cell phone in your pocket because these devices give out radiation even when you aren’t using them as a phone. Don’t stand in front of your microwave oven when it is operating. In fact, try to eliminate the use of a microwave. I find my food tastes better freshly cooked and there are safer heating methods. Also, greater distance between you and the and the source significantly reduces exposure levels.

Use Your Smartphone Safely
Try to keep your cellphone in airplane mode when not in use. Keep the device as far away from your body by utilizing speaker mode. Try to avoid using your cell phone in the car, it causes the phone to work extra hard to keep a decent signal which increases EMF exposure. When you replace your phone, look for a model with a lower Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) rating.

I try to spend as little time on my cell phone as possible and never keep it close to my pets.

Keep Sleeping Areas Wifi Free
The most important time of day to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation is while sleeping. Turn your Wifi router off at night when it isn’t in use. Turn your cell phone off or on airplane mode to reduce EMF exposure and save energy. Remove all unnecessary wireless devices from the sleeping area or deactivate their Wi-Fi feature.

I have been turning off my cellphone and laptops in the past year and a half. While there are many factors that affect sleep, I have noticed a big change in my sleeping pattern.

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Aires tech products:

In my research into numerous products that help to protect the body from EMF, I came across Aires tech. They sent me some samples and through a trusted friendI had these tested in the United States and for sure, they helped to neutralize the radiation.

The way these products work is that they create a special electromagnetic field between the source of radiation and the biological product, lets say, our bodies. This electromagnetic field harmonizes the inherent radiation from the body and the radiation from the source or device. This protects our body from the EMF from the device and at the same time does not interfere with the working of the device.

The transformer or the product can be placed on the body or the device or between the body and the device.


How to use the product on yourself, your pet or your device.

For in depth studies and information please visit the website:


References: I have included only a couple of references here. Feel free to do your own research and rely on your personal effects here too. Your body is your biggest teacher. Listen to it !

1. Adverse health effects of 5G mobile networking technology under real-life conditions.

2. Wireless Technologies (4G, 5G) Are Very Harmful to Human Health and Environment: A Preliminary Review Christianto V, Boyd RN2 , Smarandache

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