Homeopathy was born at about the same time as Western Medicine, about 200-300 years ago. Samuel Hahnemann is generally seen as the “father of homeopathy”. It differs from Western Medicine in that it is based on resonance of cell vitality with plant parts, minerals or rocks. It is based on the understanding that the smallest part of a cell, the atom, has a physical as well as an energetic (wave) aspect to it. This is comparable to the theory of quantum physics which explains the wave type of behaviour that particles displayed. The wavelength and frequency of the homeopathic remedy cancels out or corrects the changes in frequencies caused by diseased tissue.

Homeopathy is more difficult to apply in animals than in humans because we miss the information on subtle emotional or physical changes. To use homeopathy safely on animals, a doctor must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of western veterinary medicine so that diseases that occur in animals but not people are not missed.

Homeopathy can treat acute as well as chronic diseases. Homeopathic remedies are used in different dilutions, called potencies. The higher the dilution, the higher the potency and the deeper the remedy works.

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