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Important Announcement from Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising friends and supporters,

As you may or may not know, Phoenix Rising turned 4 on July 29, 2017.

Thank you to all of you that have helped me sustain the practice for the past 4 years and for your faith in integrative medicine.

I would like to announce that the time has come for the Phoenix to spread its wings and leave the nest. In order for Phoenix Rising to continue to exist, expansion is needed to a larger client base. This will ensure that more pets benefit from integrative services. I have therefore decided to relocate Phoenix Rising to the city of Vancouver.

This decision has been made after a year of soul-searching and has been guided both by inspiration and intuition. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for my four years in the Comox Valley and all that this sacred land has taught me. I have learned that I am a healer rather than a doctor and this has changed how I practise veterinary medicine.

Through the practice of integrative medicine I have learned that in order to see the whole picture, I must embrace both aspects of medicine – conventional and alternative. If I sit on one side of the fence, I miss what is on the other side. This is the reason why I have also been offering surgery, on-call and internal medicine as well as chiropractic, acupuncture, TCVM and homeopathy. This is also the reason why I have incorporated regenerative medicine.

I acknowledge and appreciate the solid foundation in conventional medicine that I obtained in vet school and realise how important it is to maintain my surgical and conventional medical skills.

I have learned that it is good to stay on top of the latest drugs and pharmaceuticals so I can evaluate the pros and cons and use it judiciously, or not at all depending on what information I have from clinical trials.

I have also learned the value of listening to each and every one of you so that I may continue to learn from you and the research that you have done.

Thank you for all for your support. I would like to continue to extend my services to you all even from Vancouver be it in person, phone or skype consultations. I will continue to fill herbal formulations and provide care for my patients from Vancouver. I also intend to visit once a month for scheduled appointments.

Phoenix Rising Veterinary Care will continue to remain open at the Courtenay location until October 25, 2017 and will re-open in Vancouver on November 1, 2017. Please stay tuned to our FB page for updates on this announcement. For those of you that are not on Facebook, I will be sending out email updates.

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