nosodes vs vaccines

Nosodes vs Vaccines

Nosodes vs Vaccines

Nosodes are similar to homeopathic remedies. They are made from the blood of a sick animal or human or from the secretions, excretions or lesions that are produced in a diseased animal. Nosodes are made by a series of dilutions from the above-mentioned materials until there is no physical material, only the energetic portion of it.

There is a belief that oral administration of nosodes can produce immunity in an individual just like a vaccine. Some clients and breeders elect to not vaccinate their dogs because of a severe adverse effect from vaccination, sometimes even death.
However there is at this point no scientific evidence that nosodes are just as effective as vaccines. Conducting large-scale studies can be extremely expensive and resources for millions of dollars of research are currently the sole prerogative of the big pharmaceutical companies.

Therefore while nosodes are safe and do not cause adverse reactions like vaccines, please do not rely on them as the sole source of protection for your pets. On the flip side, please do not over-vaccinate your pets. It is important to protect them initially against the core diseases (distemper and Parvovirus) and then titre-test them to ensure they have antibodies to protect against these diseases. Repeat titre tests every 1-3 years depending on antibody levels.

Nosodes are however safe and effective when used during outbreaks of a disease like kennel cough, Parvo or Distemper. It can also be used to mitigate the symptoms of disease after an infection has been contracted.

Yes, vaccines are not 100% safe which is why we try to break them up into single vaccines instead of using combination vaccines. This does not overstress the immune system.
We do want to ensure that our dogs and cats are protected adequately until we are able to back up claims with evidence. After your first set of puppy shots, titre test to make sure they are protected from the viruses with adequate antibodies.
Phoenix Rising offers in-house titre testing using Vaccichek. Your titre test is usually ready in 30 minutes. We also have nosodes against different dog and cat viruses to use judiciously

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