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What is a Holistic Vet?

A holistic vet is a doctor that is open-minded to all therapeutic avenues. Instead of dismissing new treatments or ideas outright, a holistic vet will try to incorporate them into a comprehensive treatment plan. In particular, a holistic vet will pay more attention to the mental state of the pet. Emotions such as fear, stress and depression can have a very real impact on health and well-being. This fact has been supported by numerous scientific studies.

One of the most common misconceptions about holistic veterinarians is that their treatments are not based on hard science.

Holistic vets emphasize that a multi-pronged approach is crucial to the treatment of any ailment. This involves incorporating a good diet, detoxing the body, adding the right supplement, using herbs or homeopathics as well as other treatment modalities like laser, acupuncture, ozone therapy and many more.

Holistic treatments can also vary depending on the patient.  For instance 2 dogs that have the same illness can be treated with different modalities because of difference of their makeup. 

Phoenix Rising is an integrative practice, traditional and alternative therapies are used in conjunction with conventional medicine, not in lieu of. 

Dr. Raj is a certified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and was an emergency vet before adopting the integrated approach to treating patients.  She believes in a “wholistic” approach to ever pet’s health and well-being.

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